Friday, April 2, 2010

Ahhhh Good's the start of Spring Insanity

Yep, you guessed it. The kids are home from school...for a week...and a day. It all started about 4. The air of "no school, no homework (even thought they have it, they don't need/want to do it) and I am going to be a bum, thus creating more work for mom." Don't get me wrong. I look forward to sleeping past 7 am and having no schedule. But I will miss my peace and quiet, and even my crazy days with 24 3-4 year olds. And one thing I know for sure...Good Friday makes me remember how grateful and lucky I am to not only have my three healthy girls (and husband), but also a Lord and Savior who thought enough of me to lay down his life (in such a brutal and painful way) for my sins and inadequacies. Thank you Jesus. I will spend my entire life trying to pay you back, and I am sure I won't even come close. ;-) Happy Easter Everyone!