Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy Anniversary to the Hubster

This anniversary came and went faster than we could find the time to celebrate! I'm still anticipating a nice dinner out, but we did exchange gifts. I received a super cool Keurig latte maker! I have been eyeing this baby for several months!  I was waiting for the email from Keurig to say it was available for purchase, but ol' smarty found it for sale on 

Scott received a Scavenger Hunt full of gifts and surprises. He had ten clues. Once he figured out the clue (only yes or no answers from me) he had to drive to the spot to answer a question and receive a gift. At the end he received a homemade gift. I made a song by choosing 1 meaningful (to us) line from each of the Top 50 Love Songs (compiled by Billboard). We had a nice time doing it together! Now....I'm going to go make myself a latte! ;-)

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