Friday, January 28, 2011

Just finished reading The Happiness Project

by Gretchen Rubin. I read the book, not because I want to be happier (because I find myself to be pretty happy already), but because I was interested in what she thought would make one happy. I naturally find happiness in many things (my salvation, my kids, my husband, my friends...and when one of 'my' preschoolers tells me he loves me) but she really made me think about what makes one happy. In my opinion, it was not a page turner, but I did enjoy reading it. If you are interested in a happiness project of your own, visit to read about her suggestions.

here's to being HAPPY!

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    I was impressed with what you had to say about happiness, and I am so glad that you are happy in your life and marriage. So many out there can't seem to grasp onto happiness. I too am a pretty happy person [most ot the!] I think we all have our moments of discontent, but in general are pretty happy and satisfied with our lives. So we are blessed and I am always grateful.
    I love the picture of you on this. You look beautiful and about 30, if that.
    Aunt Betty