Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Big 4-0, or the "anniversary of turning 30"

To all those that have noticed, yes, I failed at my "blog every 2 weeks" challenge. I missed the whole month of February. Which happens to be the birthday month for several who are near and dear to me. Forgive me, I was off celebrating. Several, who had BIG birthdays...you know...the big 4-0 birthday. So, tell me, those who have gone before me (yes, I still qualify to check '35-39' on the survey): what's the big deal about turning 40? Personally, I think age is a number and you are only as old as you feel. Birthdays are good for us! Statistics show, the more we have the longer we live! So, when my turn comes, I think I will choose to ignore the hype and be happy for another day....


  1. hmmm, having just crossed the great divide yesterday, all i can say is "talk to me when you get here." :-)

    seriously though, it's different for everyone. the closer the big day got for me, the more i dreaded it. to be perfectly honest, i'm still not comfortable with the idea of being 40, but i'm confident that you will handle it beautifully... you're much better adjusted than I. good luck, i'll save a seat for you.

  2. I just remember my mother weeping uncontrollably when she turned 40. She was devastated. I am in a different place than my mom was at 40, so circumstances could have added to her depressed state. It does seem odd to be approaching 40. Wondering where all the time went. I don't think I should be 40 yet!! thanks for your comment!

  3. Turning 40 was great. I agree that you are only as old as you feel. Thanks for the blog. I check in every now and then looking for updates