Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Life of My Dreams

I'm a dreamer. Always have been. Always will be. I live a really blessed life. But...if I could pick the life of my dreams, it would include some additions to my already blessed life.

1. Family. and more of it. Not more kids for me, but more nieces, nephews and cousins around. In the life of my dreams, there would be family get togethers often. Family would just stop by. I would have real relationships with members of my extended family...we'd know each other better. we would vacation together, regularly, and enjoy it.

2. Life perceived would be life reality. I believe I wear my heart on my sleeve, as the saying goes. But often I feel perceived differently. I would like to be seen for who I truly am and for my true heart.

3. I want to have the feel of the beach (you know when you are at the beach you feel warm, relaxed, no worries, sunny, and carefree?) on Lauren Ct in Ellicott City. I don't mean actually see the beach, I want to feel like I feel when I'm at the beach...everyday.

4. I want my kids to get along most of the time. I realize it's an impossible thought for any type of people (sisters, spouses, friends, coworkers, etc) to get along all the time. But if they have to argue, I want my children to quickly work it out, forgive each other and FORGET ABOUT IT! My children tend to remember every little detail, and use it for the next argument, that will be occurring in less than an hour. If this list was in order of importance, this would be #1.

5. In the life of my dreams, both my mother and my grandmother would still be living on Earth. and all people would only die after a long, long life. and everyone would know Jesus, personally.

and hey, since I'm creating the life of my dreams...can I just be a size 8/10...forever?

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